🤵 Libragar.pw 💡

if the last letter of your nickname does not appear, after typing your nickname, add a space at the end.


💡 User Controllers 💡
Press Space Split - W Feed Mass
Press A User 32x+
Press R User 4x
Press Y User 8x
Press U User 16x
Press S User Frozen

💡 Minions Controllers 💡
Press X Split - C Feed Mass
Press Shift Minions 32x+
Press V Minions 4x
Press B Minions 8x
Press N Minions 16x
Press D Minions Frozen


If you cannot connect to the server, check if you have some anti-virus or firewall blocking the connection, make sure you selected a server to connect to, and/or make sure the server you're connecting to isn't down.